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procurement of hard to find electronic parts

The ideal combination of procurement and storage

Pegasus Components is an independent supplier of electronic components with a worldwide network of suppliers and customers.

Today we hold one of the most extensive levels of stock with over 70,000 articles in Europe.

Since 1998 Pegasus Components has been offering the ideal combination of procurement and storage.

Our clients include all kinds of industrial companies and all sizes of commercial clients in a range of different industries worldwide. We also serve the international component trading sector.

We comply with permanently high quality standards concerning the selection of suppliers, delivery control and handling of electronic components.

electronic parts stock

More than 70,000 articles in stock

Pegasus Components has one of the most extensive levels of stock with over 70,000 articles in Europe and is therefore in great demand as a partner by well-known industrial companies, commercial clients and the international component trading sector.

Our stock consists of specifically purchased articles, bought surplus materials and goods from consignment contracts.

We therefore have a broad-based product range from all sectors of electronics and various manufacturers, including numerous obsolete and hard-to-find components.

Our attractive product range includes in particular active, discrete and passive components, IT products, electromechanical components (connectors, relays etc.), optoelectronics components / displays, power semiconductors (IGBT) as well as automation components.

electronic parts supplier worldwide

Worldwide network of suppliers

Based on our market knowledge as an independent supplier, which goes back many years, Pegasus Components has an outstanding global supplier network of reliable partners.

Our professional system of supplier qualification has proved itself for over 15 years.

It is our constant aim to deliver inspected and thus high-quality goods quickly and reliably.

We guarantee our clients the highest level of quality, both in terms of comprehensive order processing as well as the targeted import of goods.

electronic parts quality management

Professional high-quality client service

Pegasus Components offers you reliable service in the supply of quality goods that we can guarantee and document thanks to our certified quality management system.

Our highly skilled employees use an established quality control system, particularly with regard to goods from unauthorised sources.

The ongoing optimisation of our processes combined with detailed and accurate inspection routines for incoming stock are integral elements of our everyday code of practice to guarantee client satisfaction and high quality standards. These processes and routines are very specifically matched to the individual supplier and to the origin of the goods.

electronic parts customers industry

Global clients from all industries

Our client portfolio includes industrial companies and all sizes of commercial clients from a range of different industries worldwide as well as the international component trading sector.

Whether individual companies or major corporations, clients from very different sizes of company and naturally also our regular clients place their trust in us - and have done so for over 15 years.

Below is a snapshot of the sectors that we serve:

Aerospace Engineering Public authorities
Automation Hospitals Research institutions
Automotive Industrial goods Safety engineering
Aviation Infrastructure facilities Shipping
Computer industries Institutes Systems engineering
Consumers Medicine Telecommunications
Energy providers Mining Universities / colleges
electronic parts overstocks excess management

Purchase, marketing and sale of surplus goods

We offer you the option of the global and profitable marketing and sale of your surplus goods:

  • By the direct purchase of single items as well as comprehensive inventories
  • By the stocking of inventories in our warehouse as part of a consignment contract
  • By optimum sale based on a list provided to us

Get in touch with our employees for a solution to suit your needs!

electronic parts independent distribution

Pegasus – independent distribution has a name

Pegasus Components with its sales team offers you over 20 years of experience in international purchase and procurement as an independent supplier. As an independent supplier we can respond much more flexibly to our customers' demands.

It makes no difference whether we are dealing with long-term or controlled supply, delivering hard-to-find components, shortening lead times with critical supply shortfalls or procuring samples or small quantities. Pegasus Components always develops an individual solution to meet your specific needs.

Our bilingual employees have exhaustive technical knowledge, expertise and excellent market knowledge through regular exchanges with our global suppliers.

Pegasus Components offers you the ideal combination of procurement from our own warehouse (over 70,000 articles) and individual and prompt solutions with discontinuation problems.

The reasons for purchasing from an independent supplier may be manifold:

  • Local price is too high
  • Call-off orders with secure storage / regular supply
  • Minimum order quantity from manufacturer is too high
  • Number of units required is below the packaging unit
  • Products are hard to find on the local market / delivery periods are too long
  • Additional supply sources are wanted / required by the company
  • Pooling of suppliers / Avoidance of new supplier issues
  • Quotes from authorised distributors are not customer- and service orientated enough
  • You require alternative or individual special-purpose solutions (generally hard-to-find products / shortage situations)

We will find the solution for YOU! Promptly and reliably!

electronic parts ecological recycling

Pegasus operates ecologically

Since our company was set up, we have systematically adhered to environmentally sustainable principles. This means that we emphasise the economical and considerate handling of materials.
Pegasus Components endeavours to preserve goods that often would be scrapped in the market place and return them to the product life cycle.

Please find our environmental certificate below: eco-certificate.

Worldwide supply bottlenecks in all possible areas of electronic components

As a global independent distributor, we buy and procure electronic parts and components.