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Pegasus – independent distribution has a name

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Pegasus Components with its sales team offers you over 20 years of experience in international purchase and procurement as an independent supplier. As an independent supplier we can respond much more flexibly to our customers' demands.

It makes no difference whether we are dealing with long-term or controlled supply, delivering hard-to-find components, shortening lead times with critical supply shortfalls or procuring samples or small quantities. Pegasus Components always develops an individual solution to meet your specific needs.

Our bilingual employees have exhaustive technical knowledge, expertise and excellent market knowledge through regular exchanges with our global suppliers.

Pegasus Components offers you the ideal combination of procurement from our own warehouse (over 70,000 articles) and individual and prompt solutions with discontinuation problems.

The reasons for purchasing from an independent supplier may be manifold:

  • Local price is too high
  • Call-off orders with secure storage / regular supply
  • Minimum order quantity from manufacturer is too high
  • Number of units required is below the packaging unit
  • Products are hard to find on the local market / delivery periods are too long
  • Additional supply sources are wanted / required by the company
  • Pooling of suppliers / Avoidance of new supplier issues
  • Quotes from authorised distributors are not customer- and service orientated enough
  • You require alternative or individual special-purpose solutions (generally hard-to-find products / shortage situations)

We will find the solution for YOU! Promptly and reliably!